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Procast 3d

  Based on its mission of 'Adapting the developing technology to the sector', Ünver Döküm has implemented the technology of turning Wax and Resin  raw materials and computer design products into reality with a 3D printer, as a new technology. Our 3D printing services, which have been growing with great momentum since the day it was founded, currently serve with 25 active printing machines and additional washing and preparation units.

We dedicate every new day to technology and development with the motto " The Only Constant in Life Is Change."

How Do We Produce?

We print digital models to be used in the casting of precious or semi-precious metals with or without stones, using Wax or Resin with a 3D printer.


Wide Machine Park

As of today, Procast3D is the largest printing center providing this service in the Turkish jewelry market. There are 22 wax printing units and 3 resin printing units in our machine park.

High Quality Printing Technique

All details of your drawings to be cast with the 3D Printer technique are selected as wax or resin according to your model and the technical analysis of the casting mine. Quality printing of all surfaces, down to the smallest detail of your drawing, is our top priority.

Post-Printing Processes

Before our finished products are prepared for the quality control unit, they are processed in the washing unit where all print residues are cleaned with chemical liquids and the details are revealed.


We offer high-speed and high-precision printing services for Procast3D, Precious and Semi-Precious Metal Castings that do not cause compatibility problems with wax raw materials.

IMG_8789 kopyası


We always prioritize the understanding of quality with resin printing, which can apply all the details of your designs to the printing completely.

ProJet MJP 2500W

22 Projet devices, which can print 100% wax and produce precise details, are used in the machinery of our company. Our devices are active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and offer all production capacities to your service. The documents, whose digital drawings are completed and ready for printing, are transferred to the printing stage with Projet 3D Wax printer, and when the printing is completed, you can process your ready-to-cast models where all the details are revealed perfectly.

Rapidshape S90+

There are 5 Rapidshape S90+ actively working in the machine park of our company. It can transfer all the details to the print with perfect precision. Our devices are active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and offer all production capacity to our customers.

  • After the 3D printing processes are completed, our products are subjected to washing, sandblasting and quality control processes.
  • If the problem is not observed, the delivery phase is started.

  • Wax 3D raw materials, which do not have compatibility problems, offer high speed and high precision printing for Precious and Semi-Precious Metal Casting.

    High quality printing techniques.

    Why ÜNVER procast 3d?

    After determining the most economical and sustainable method for you according to your designs, we provide technical support at the design stage of the product to be produced, based on our experience.

    Fast Production with Simple Communication

    You can easily reach us via Whatsapp, e-mail and contact forms, and if you have questions, you can get information about all processes from order to delivery.

    Easy and Fast File Sending

    It's easy to send us your print-ready documents in .STL format. You can send your ready-to-print files and add your notes about printing via the file sending/uploading panel.

    Production Compliance Control

    We do not go to the printing stage by passing the drawings you have sent, until the approval of conformity is obtained (in order to prevent time and cost losses) by passing the production compliance test.

    Your Models Are Safe With Us

    In addition to our production ethics and working principles; Models and drawings produced by us are not shared with third parties, respecting art, artist and labor. Your business is safe with us!